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Randell Alexander, MD, Ph D is Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Florida, Chief of the Division of Child Protection and Forensic Pediatrics.

He is on the Board of Councilors for the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect and is on the International Advisory Board for the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Downsizing to an Assisted Living Community Most families who have helped their loved ones make the move to assisted living have been confronted with the challenges of downsizing. Whether because of fear, reluctance or both – many parents adamantly refuse to move into assisted living.

We, as their children, are concerned for their health and only have the best intentions for their well-being, but it can come across as irritating or offensive if we don’t openly communicate this to our parents early on.

Learn more about how to convince a parent to make the move into assisted living by creating an open communication channel with them, before it’s too late. Men and women usually arrive at assisted living communities with age-related ailments and frailties that make care or supervision a necessity. It’s a given, then, that these residents desire love like any of us.

Majid Al-Eissa is a Consultant and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics attending to a various global entities that experienced in the complexity and management of diseases that affect children's lives; members/committees of different professional affiliations; invited speaker to several conferences, national, regional and international meetings to represent Saudi Arabia pertinent to pediatric emergency, family safety, and suspected child abuse and neglect.

A pediatrician with child health as his main focus. Majid graduated from University of Western Ontario, London, Canada in 2005 with a Pediatric Emergency Fellowship.

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