Solidworks cut list not updating

Description was created as a configuration specific property and the value is the contents of the note.A custom property was also created, it links Detail Item1 (the note) to Description (the name of the configuration specific property).

I use this functionality all the time in SOLIDWORKS Composer, and I used to use it a lot back in my ancient Microstation days, so I'm excited to have this ability in SOLIDWORKS 2015.Creating a Weldment drawing is very straight forward. Click You can also create drawing views of individual Weldment bodies. Pull down the Insert Menu and pick Drawing View, Relative to model. These custom properties can be assigned to the Weldment so that they will show up in the cut list on the drawing.I will just use the sample Weldment part provided by Solid Works as a quick example in case you want to try this yourself. To understand this better, right click on Cut-List-Item1(8) in the Feature Manager design tree and pick . On the Cut List Summary tab, you can see a list of the cut list folders. Under the Value / Text Expression, type “Back Frame” and press Enter. As you can see, this item already has several properties already entered.But there is still no way of linking that note to a property. The way it works is: Look at the feature tree, a macro feature is now present.This macro feature will, on rebuild, copy the contents of the note into the property.

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