Sophos update manager is not updating

Because Windows 10 Home doesn’t support Group Policy, these settings can’t be used for this Windows edition.

Thus, you can use the procedures described here only with Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise.

Usually the settings for Updating are centrally managed and deployed.

However, if you need to make a change follow the instructions below.

If you're frustrated with the time it takes your Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP PC to boot and then it seems to be running slowly you may have too many programs running at start-up - and you have come to the right place to identify them.

This is the original ) list - one of the most accurate and comprehensive. For further information on this and how to identify and disable start-up programs please visit the Introduction page. Note - the file is located in %User Startup% and its presence there ensures it runs when Windows starts Part of Intel® Matrix Storage Manager (formally known as Intel® Application Accelerator and Intel® Application Accelerator RAID Edition).

Hi Guy's Has anyone ran into this issue with the Sophos Enterprise console started after an upgrade to 5.2.1 R2 .

The Sophos Update Manager is not updating error (software delivery failed). I am Currently working with their support but do not have resolution yet.

Here is the detailed instruction on how to uninstall Sophos Update Manager and remove its remaining components.If you have the same or similar experiences as following for the app removal, we will be able to provide an effective way to remove it well for you.Common issues of removing Sophos Update Manager Actually, there are so many users complaining why Sophos Update Manager is so hard to get removed from their machines.To disable Windows Update in the other Windows 10 editions, you have to set No Auto Update to 1 in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Update\AU.If the corresponding keys don’t exist, you have to create them.

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