Speed dating with books lesson plan

These different types of skills are used quite naturally when reading in a mother tongue.

Unfortunately, when learning a second or foreign language, people tend to employ only "intensive" style reading skills.

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(Altitude) Above Ground Level, where all aircraft must fly. Distinguished from MSL, (above) Mean Sea Level, which is what an altimeter measures, and can indeed be negative. In 1980, a friend of mine set one of aviation's lesser known world records: Low-Altitude Endurance, flying at -200 feet MSL ( 50 feet AGL) for over five hours, in Death Valley (now her husband plans to set the high-altitude submarine record with a one-man submersible in Peru's Lake Titicaca).

To determine altitude AGL -- the most vital measurement aloft -- the pilot must know: (a) the plane's altitude MSL, (b) the plane's geographical position, and (c) the elevation (MSL) of the ground (the G in AGL) at that location.(statute miles per hour) same as automobiles and trains.

I have often noticed that students insist on understanding every word and find it difficult to take my advice of reading for the general idea, or only looking for required information.

Students studying a foreign language often feel that if they don't understand each and every word they are somehow not completing the exercise.

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