Successfully validating erp systems

In conclusion the paper suggests an urgent and immediate need to develop scientific and engineering methodologies for designing, building, and analysing complex systems that centre on fundamental forms of human activity, supported by computer and communication technology.For regulated industries such as those in the life sciences sector, computer systems need to be validated to prove regulatory compliance.

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Pharmaceutical and medical device companies should try to limit the scope of validation to only items that need to be tracked. Validation is a continuous process given that regulations change as well as a company's processes and their master data.

This paper applies the human-centred approach in studying the design of SAP-ERP system and measuring its user satisfaction.

The objective of the paper is to explore the relationship between the human-centred dimensions (process, syntactic, semantic, social and pragmatic) and the user satisfaction on SAP-ERP system.

The contributions of the paper are to address the need for the human-centred approach as a basis for the design of ERP system, to define a systematic human-centred model for measurement towards user satisfaction.

This paper suggests the application of a proposed five dimensional model in measuring the human-centredness of SAP-ERP system and embarks a case study to conduct quantitative analysis.

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