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Mac Farlane, who is himself nominated for Best Song honors for“Everybody Needs a Best Friend” from “Ted,”really “wants to be there,” he went on. “And he also has this fantastic combination of — he’s one of the funniest writers in the world, but if you watch ‘Family Guy,’ I mean, who would have expected, you know, ‘Family Guy’ would be the heart of show and dance and variety?

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Director Henry Jaglom had been wanting to do a film in which the entire story takes place backstage with actors coming on and off-stage, but showing where the real drama takes place — which is while the actors are going through a play, and never really showing the actual play being performed.

That was our structure for “Ovation.” You do film and stage nicely.

So as the story takes place amongst fictional play cast members, how much of that was familiar to you?

But for every viewer irritated by his neurotic characters, there are viewers who are charmed by them.

Jaglom may be a polarizing American filmmaker but he works on his own terms, and refuses to conform to popular opinion.

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