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The couple has been trying to keep Alyssa’s memory alive not only through a bill named for her which allows victims families to seek Victim Protection Orders (VPOs) against assailants.

The bill went into effect last year.“At home we received a lot of mail that would end up in our mailbox, not addressed and what we found was (letters from) other young girls saying ‘We knew he was like this,’ ‘He did this to me,’ ‘He did that to me,’” she said.

She talks about different faces — the "hard" face that brooks no argument and the "soft" one that invites cooperation.

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She coaches them to speak with a forceful, no-nonsense voice.

Then we tell our story and what happened in our case.” “Through gathering information for the trial and talking to our friends after we learned a lot to things that we didn’t know — we didn’t know how controlling he was, we knew he kept tabs on her, but we didn’t know he had isolated her from her really close friends.” she said.

“I use this as part of my story when we go speak, two of her really close, who we are in almost daily contact with, they have to live with the guilt of they knew a lot more of what was going on and how controlling he was, and how manipulative he was to her.

He was texting all the time wanting to know where she was. When he would come over to the house we’d open the door and he’d only sit on the porch with her and we’d watch them.

We thought we were doing everything correctly and then everything happened.” “We give statistics on teen dating violence, then we do a few skits to try and get the kids involved and see different types of dating scenarios.

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