Teenage dating in the 1950s

There were a few television shows aimed at young children, nothing for teenagers, and nothing on the radio speaking to teen life. Then the teens started to hear music about their world — songs about high school sweethearts, wild parties and fast cars, sung by other teens.

They were hungry for some recognition of their generation, some validation, and when it came, they embraced it.

Double-dates are used to initiate the whole dating process because it creates a more open environment conducive to easy conversation.

So the initial shyness of a young couple can be eased away by the presence of other company, especially if the double date is a “set-up” or a blind date for one couple.

This method is especially useful and practical if a guy is shy about asking a girl out on a date.

World War II had ended but the world felt far from safe, between the new war in Korea, frightening talk of the Communist menace, and the threat of nuclear war.

If there was a national priority in America in the 1950s, it was to create a safe, secure, calm and orderly community in which millions of post-war Americans could start a family.

Sandwiched in between the generations of new postwar families and their boom of babies was a generation of teenagers.

Teens were marginalized by the adults, who didn't want to be bothered with the very different values of teenagers.

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