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She was trapped in her bottle for 2000 years, until being rescued by Anthony Nelson.

It can be implied Jeannie was extremely bored in her bottle for so many years.

Apparently, though, he visited Japan as a youth, as years later he told his wife that while in Japan, he had gone running in a park called Gora Park, and upon returning to Honolulu had decided to change his name to Gora.

All his siblings except his oldest brother also eventually took the last name of Gora.

Frank Marshall Davis had been a noted poet, journalist and radical activist who had once been investigated by the congressional House Un-American Activities Committee.

In 1956 he had exercised his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent rather than risk incriminating himself when asked whether he was a Communist.

In February 1923 the Matsugoro family home was mentioned in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin as being destroyed by a tsunami.

Other than that, little is known of Gora's childhood.

The article goes on to describe how these issues came to a head in 2002 when the self conscious actor disappeared from the set of The Sopranos for four days as his bitter divorce raged on, he had married Marcy in 1999.

The journey would take him to Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Chicago and could well end triumphantly in the White House in January.

Hawaii imbued Obama with the laid back, almost preternatural calm that has underpinned his political career.

As well as being the main female protagonist, she is also the first genie seen in the series. An evil Blue Djinn tried to force Jeannie to marry him, but she refused.

He turned her into a genie and imprisoned Jeannie in her bottle.

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