Updating fields mysql

Convert XLS and CSV files type into in database tables to create apps and reports.

Use our modern, intuitive, and powerful browser-based environment to quickly build and run ​w​eb apps such as forms​,​ reports,​ charts,​ PDF, dashboards and menus, enabling easy iterative development.

You can change everything from the way one button looks to the entire theme of the app, with a few points and clicks.​ Powerful and intuitive design tools enable​ to you​ easy and extensive customization of your application's UI.​ Deployment is the process you use to make applications, developed within Scriptcase, available to be accessed by the end user. The generated applications, use PHP, HTML, CSS and Java Script technologies.

This means your application does not require Scriptcase to run in production​.

To do this we have to first convert array into string using php serialize() function then save it into mysql database.

Learn how to install My SQL, how to issue commands, and how to create and use databases.

The problem with using bindings to fields in order to modify records in a data connection is that you must set those fields to the values for the current record and then you have to use the data connection object scripting methods like "add New()", "update()" or "delete()".This is one of the most asked question by php programmer because mysql doesn’t has any array data type.So we can not store array directly into mysql database.In this tutorial you'll learn — in simple terms — how to install, set up, and use a My SQL database on your computer.This will give you a good grounding in My SQL that you'll find useful when you start developing database-driven websites using PHP, Ruby, or your language of choice.

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