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Now that it's starting to feel slow itself, what should you do about it? If that's the case you should be able to upgrade a component or two and get on with your life. If your system is slow starting up, slow performing day-to-day tasks, and slow shutting down, it's possible that your hard drive is full and needs paring down. Uninstall programs you no longer use, delete extraneous video files, and if you're using Windows try running Disk Cleanup.

You can either replace it entirely or upgrade a few parts to make it work better. This should release at least a few gigabytes, but it's better still if you have at least 33 percent of your hard drive's capacity free (e.g. This will probably just be a temporary fix, however—you'll definitely want to upgrade to a larger drive.

An SSD is so small that you can slip it into any drive bay with an adapter, even the one that was made to hold floppy drives.

Over the last several years working in IT for various companies as a Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, and Help Desk professional, I’ve written and learned about many ways to increase the performance of not only my PC, but also of the many PCs on my networks ranging from Windows 98 to Windows Vista.

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