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But I cant find any references to create or update table of contents in a Word file. Or, is it possible in Apache POI or docx4j to have options to create or update TOC? See the code comments: "It then relies on a user to open the document in Word to generate the actual table of contents.

Unfortunately, Word can't be made to update the TOC automatically and without user interaction." - presumably because of the reliance of a To C on a page model. You just need to open a empty docx which will act as a template.

You can also change the formatting of the text, and Word will keep that formatting no matter how many times you update the table of contents.

Tip: "Levels" in this context refers to your heading levels.

If you want to change the level of an individual table of contents entry, change the heading level of that text in the body of your document.

To read more about that, see Change the level of a table of contents entry.

Topics such as special pagination for the front matter or landscape pages and combining documents are also included.

Students, staff and faculty can get dissertation formatting assistance at Scholarspace: Located on the second floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library.

Topics include: formatting page numbers, using chapter templates, footnotes, images, and figures.

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Recently I had a client’s Table of Contents (TOC) that got broken somehow (this is in Word 2003).

While we do use some of the requirements from Rackham’s formatting guidelines to demonstrate the tools, you must verify the formatting requirements with the appropriate office.

These documents provide information that will help you use Microsoft Word effectively for your dissertation.

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