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Feedback will also help to determine which Cybersecurity Framework concepts are incorporated into future versions of the suite of NIST security and privacy risk management publications.NIST would like feedback that addresses the following questions: As the world rapidly embraces the Internet of Things, properly securing medical devices has grown challenging for most healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs).The findings may have ramifications for validating Paul’s authorship of 1 Timothy.

That Mediterranean city shone as the jewel in the crown of the Roman Empire’s wealthiest province.That's because medical devices, such as infusion pumps, have evolved from standalone instruments that interacted only with the patient and a medical provider into devices that now connect wirelessly to a variety of systems, networks, and other platforms to enhance patient care, as part of the broader Internet of Medical Things (Io MT). Wireless infusion pump ecosystems, which include the pump, the network, and the data stored in and on a pump, face a range of potential threats, such as unauthorized access to protected health information (PHI), changes to prescribed drug doses, and interference with a pump's intended function.In collaboration with the healthcare community and manufacturers, the NCCo E developed cybersecurity guidance, draft NIST Special Publication 1800-8, , which uses standards-based, commercially available technologies and industry best practices to help HDOs strengthen the security of wireless infusion pumps within healthcare facilities. Email comments to: [email protected] due by: July 7, 2017The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCo E) has posted a draft Project Description on the topic of Securing Property Management Systems.To provide federal agencies with examples of how the Cybersecurity Framework can augment the current versions of NIST security and privacy risk management publications, this guidance uses common federal information security vocabulary and processes.NIST will engage with agencies to add content based on agency implementation, refine current guidance and identify additional guidance to provide the information that is most helpful to agencies.

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