Waiter rule dating

“You do the fiddling, the shuffling, and give them enough time to reach for their own wallets to take care of the bill,” says one editor, “or else what’s the option? No, that’s too awkward.” But a few others believe that during a first date, the reach—even a fake one—is out of the question.

“I never even pretend to reach if it’s a first date.

If you aren’t sure, you’ve probably answered your own question but read on anyway. Disclaimer: I’m not discussing masculinity, so let me preemptively tell the haters to back off.

Also let me preemptively add that yes, all of this applies to a ‘real woman’ too. A grown-ass man will let trivial matters go, understanding that most matters are.

The “reach”More than half of the staff agreed, you should always reach inside your bag once the check arrives—even if you don’t intend to pay.

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As if the whole concept of dating weren’t awkward enough, it always gets weirder during that dreaded moment when a waiter drops off the check on a table.

They might pay careful attention to what they wear, how much they laugh at your jokes, how closely they pay attention to everything you say, and other similar behaviors.

When thinking about the other person’s behavior, it may be a good idea to look beyond how you’re being treated and also observe how the person treats a waiter or waitress, when judging their generosity and character.

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