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Each subsidiary must prepare its own financial statements including balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows and statement of retained earnings.

This information for each subsidiary is then combined using consolidation software to create consolidated financial reports that represent the financial position of the parent company as a whole.

Organizing Your Information Setting Up a Worksheet Combining Financial Statements Eliminating Duplicate Values Community Q&A Many large companies are partially or entirely made up of smaller companies that they've acquired throughout the years.

After their acquisitions, these smaller companies, or subsidiaries, may have remained legally separate from the large corporation, or parent company.

In recent years, many companies have expanded by purchasing a major portion, or all, of another company’s outstanding voting stock.

The purpose of such acquisitions ranges from ensuring a source of raw materials (such as oil), to desiring to enter into a new industry, or seeking income on the investment.

According to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), parent companies must prepare consolidated financial statements to report on the financial well-being of both the parent company and all of its subsidiaries.

These statements are often prepared with the use of financial consolidation software which takes financial figures from each individual subsidiary and combines them into one overall report.

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Conversely, a combined presentation is appropriate when two or more entities are under common control, but no actual parent company exists.As stated in the introduction to this chapter, a corporation that owns more than 50% of the outstanding voting common stock of another corporation is the parent company.The corporation acquired and controlled by the parent company is the subsidiary company.Consolidating shows detailed information by business unit of what makes up a total number, however Consolidated just shows the total figure.For instance if company Z owns company A, B and C, then the consolidating financial statements will show the details of company A, company B and Company C, whereas Consolidated financial statements will just show the total of A B and C.

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