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He traveled six hours to take a chance that perhaps we might have a real connection.

Psychologically, a new relationship may fill a void physically, but you must be prepared to love two people at the same time -- a dynamic that is unique to widows and widowers.

Talking openly about your feelings with them may help them understand why you want to start dating, even if they don’t agree." Grief and a Child’s Reaction to a Parent Dating Children should be given special consideration when a parent starts to date.

It can be a confusing and difficult process for a child at any age to accept a parent moving on.

Getting Through Grief and Moving On Ben Brewer, Psy D, a psychotherapist in Denver who specializes in grief and loss, says there is no universal answer to the question, When is the “right” time to begin a new relationship after the death of a partner?

“Every person experiences a unique grief process,” he says, and the grieving process is influenced by many factors, including: When Friends and Family React to Your Dating You might feel that it’s time for you to find a new partner, but you’re worried about what friends and family will think.

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