Who is daryl sabara dating

After the second presidential debate last October, the soon-to-be POTUS sent CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker a personal email calling him "the most disloyal person" and even vowing to "get even." Whoa!!!Related: Another Trump Team Member Accused Of Plagiarism!

star Daryl Sabara is no different and just as his co-star Alexa Pena Vega grew up, got married (twice) and is now expecting her first child, young Juni Cortez is now 24 and looking almost unrecognisable.Meghan Trainor was spotted shopping with Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara on Tuesday in Beverly Hills, California.Daryl Sabara is known for playing the role of Juni Cortez in the film series.Brace yourself for lots of love hearts in the captions:- not to mention re-releasing the music video for her single 'Me Too' after a photoshop controversy and welcoming James Corden on stage for a duet in LA. But despite the cute selfies and constant praise for Daryl's presence on her Untouchable tour, it hasn't exactly been clear what the nature of the pair's new relationship is.

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