Who is james from big time rush dating

James Maslow: We call it the Tween Choice Awards to make it fictional, but yes, it’s essentially about the Kids’ Choice Awards.As usual, it’s very good for being self-deprecating for the sake of comedy."I think it's a little scary because you don't really know these people," James told us."Just because someone likes long walks on the beach and the other person does too doesn't mean that it's a compatible thing," added Kendall.In this week’s issue of PARADE, Kendall Schmidt, 21, James Maslow, 22, Carlos Pena, Jr., 22, and Logan Henderson, 22— otherwise known as the exuberant foursome of Big Time Rush— took a break from their tour to chat with Connie Schultz about how their music is changing, balancing their personal lives, who influenced them growing up, and why their fans mean so much to them.

It hasn’t been really, really crazy for us.”On their school experiences and inspirations: James: “I’ve had some amazing teachers who influenced my life in positive ways, and I’m grateful for them."You should be a gentleman." Even though Carlos Pena Jr.has been dating his girlfriend Alexa Vega for six months now, "I still open the door for her every time I get in the car with her," he tells us. "Don't text when you're trying to make a connection," Logan Henderson advises.Breakups are never easy, but "If you're going to break up with somebody, it definitely has to be in person," James says."If you're not feeling it, just be honest with yourself and the other person," Kendall tells us.

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