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This article explained about the XML document, XSD schema, and how to validate XML document against XSD schema using Microsoft . NET Framework is the foundation of Microsoft's next generation of development tools. NET and then details the XML tools that are provided by the Framework and the Visual Studio . Code samples in this chapter are written in the C# language. NET initiative has its origins in the increasing importance of the Web in almost all areas of application development.I added all the schemas to the project, right clicked "Properties" and set them all to Embedded Resources.When you request an embedded resource you need to ask for the file using the original file name as well as the namespace.The Validation Event Handler will call you back if there's any trouble. XSD files - 64 of them - that represent a single specification.You can poke around in the document if you like, while the validation happens, but when I'm just validating I do a while(reader. I load the most-leaf node to load whole spec: I wanted an assembly that was self-contained and would hold all 64 of these XSD files internally as resources, and I didn't want to put them in a temp directory.Use Reflector to determine what the ultimate fully qualified resource name is if you have trouble.

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This type of API is called a "push model" because the document information is pushed from the parser to the client.You're code will continue to run, it's just not the preferred approach for using validating readers in . The Conformance Level property on the Xml Reader Settings class configures the Xml Reader to check and guarantee that the stream being read complies with a certain set of rules.The middle part of Figure 1 illustrates the SAX approach to parsing.The downside of this approach is that keeping track of the current context of an element or attribute in a complex document can be difficult.

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